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Panama Appeal

Discover why we live and work in Panama and why it is the best overall offshore jurisdiction for most people.

Panama Offers:

  1. Low Cost of Living
  2. Tropical Beauty/ Lifestyle
  3. Real Estate Timing/ Investment
  4. No Hurricanes or Major Destructive Earthquakes
  5. Great Weather
  6. Political Stability, Low Crime Rate
  7. Location...Location
  8. International Class Healthcare
  9. Panama is 1st not 3rd World
  10. Panama "Welcomes and Wants You"

Low Cost of Living: Movie ticket- $4.00, Beverage- $.35, Fulltime Maid- $150 per month, Taxi- $1.50 and reasonable housing costs. Panama's banking center is the second largest in the world. Inflation rates in Panama are some of the lowest known, on average only 1% to 2% per year. Panama benefits from low product costs since the Colon Free Trade Zone is the largest distribution center in the Americas.

Tropical Beauty/ Lifestyle: Panama has exotic tropical rainforests, beautiful mountain refuges, Caribbean-style beaches, and a Miami-style capital city. International experts rave about the abundant opportunities that are available for nature-lovers, museum-goers, gourmets, sportspersons, and more. Whether you like fishing, bird watching or hiking, contemporary art or folk art, world-class cuisine or delicious regional dishes, quiet mornings or a vibrant nightlife you can find it in Panama.

Real Estate Timing/ Investment: Panama right now is one of the best places in the world to invest in real estate. Think of Costa Rica 15 or 20 years ago or Florida 30 years ago when it was just starting to be discovered.

No Hurricanes or Major Destructive Earthquakes: Panama is blessed by nature-unlike the rest of her Central American neighbors, Panama has no hurricanes-amazingly it's in a special climate area that is totally hurricane-proof. It also has no major earthquakes.

Great Weather: A warm tropical, but diverse climate, the waterfront areas of Panama are hot and can be humid, yet there are year round cooler temperatures in the mountain areas (such as Boquette).

Political Stability and Low Crime Rate: Panama is one of the most stable democratic republics in the Americas and has been a committed U.S. ally since the construction of the Panama Canal in the early 1900's.The crime rate is far lower than that in most U.S. cities and other vacation and retirement destinations.

Location...Location: Panama City is just 2 1/2 hours by air from Miami, and you find direct flights to several other U.S. cities, too, including Houston, Atlanta, Newark and Washington/Baltimore. Panama is the hub of the Americas for Continental/COPA airlines.

International Class Healthcare: Panama has State-of-the-Art Medical facilities. Highly trained English speaking physicians and other health care professionals are affordable. Prescription and over-the-counter medication is available at low prices. Full coverage health insurance policies are reasonably priced. Moreover, its abundance of nutritious tropical fruits and other farm products (not to mention some of the best drinking water in the world!) will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Panama Has a 1st not 3rd World infrastructure: A safe cosmopolitan Miami-style capital city with high speed internet, first rate hotels, fine dining and beautiful shopping malls, telecommunications and the business services are excellent.

Panama "Welcomes and Wants You”: The government of Panama is actively and aggressively promoting tourism on an international basis. As part of the program, the country has passed the most modern and comprehensive law for the promotion of tourism investment in Latin America and the Caribbean. The incentives of tourism investments are the following:

Property taxes (including land) are exempted. Income tax is exempted for 15 years. Import tax (including sales tax of 5%) is exempted for 20 years. Financing interest is tax deductible for 20 years.

Panama's law 54 clearly states that foreign investors have the same rights as National's do in Panama.

Some of the Benefits for Retirees

  • 50% off entertainment including movies, concerts, theater etc. (a regular movie ticket costs $4 - the retiree price is $2.00.)
  • 25% off restaurants
  • 50% off hotel accommodations Monday - Thursday
  • 30% off bus, boat and train fares
  • 25% off domestic airline tickets
  • 10% off prescription medicines (much cheaper than US prices to begin with)
  • 15% off dental and eye exams
  • 50% off closing costs for home loans

That is... Why Panama



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